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Why is M Night Shyamalan still making movies?

2012-01-12 02:11:58 by LordHayden

Some time ago, a certain user by the name of talkingtrousers left a review on my submission JBI, and said that the lines were cheesy enough to be like something M Night Shyamalan wrote.
Back then I didn't understand what he meant, but not too long afterwards I watched Avatar: The Last Airbender, and good god, it is indeed cheesy. It looked good until they started talking. However, the thing that really got me was when Aang was trying to motivate the Earth benders to rise up against the Fire Nation. Obviously it's meant to be an epic movie, but it comes off more like a comedy instead.
I recently saw the series, and the movie's cheesiness just butchers it. And not too long ago, I heard that they're making the second installment and M Night IS DIRECTING THAT TOO!
So my question is this: Why is he still allowed to make movies if he sucks so bad? If the first installment was so bad, the next will probably have a mob marching to his house to drag him out of his bed and beat him to death.


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2012-01-12 11:12:53

I saw the Avatar movie, and I know what you are saying.
One reason might be just to see how bad and cheesy it will be.
another reason might just be that they are deluding themselves into thinking that the sequel might be better and M Night deserves a sort of "second chance"
but with movies, everything I've seen points to that "if you make it, they will watch it".


2012-03-13 19:41:21

well here is my question to you sir. arent those kind of movies mostly for little kids like 10 and under, i think thats their main audience

(Updated ) LordHayden responds:

I guess.